Walking a Fine Line of Crazy


Walking a Fine Line of Crazy


I had the opportunity to have breakfast with a beautiful friend the other day. She is truly beautiful inside and out. I am in awe of everything that she does. She is currently in school. When completed, she will have a master’s degree in divinity. She’s a wife and the mother of two teenaged boys, one with a developmental disability. And, to round out her amazing life she works with those who have been impacted by sex trafficking going to bars and the streets to engage with prostitutes sharing compassion, understanding and grace. I have known her since she was a teenager when she stole a piece of my heart and never gave it back

My husband tells me that once when we were accompanying the teenagers on a camping trip (we used to work with youth in our church), he spotted Gwen (pseudonym) sleeping on the ground. At that time, he remembers telling me that she would grow up to be a special young lady as he witnessed a glow surrounding her. I do not remember that conversation, however, there is zero doubt that we always knew Gwen would be one of the amazing human beings to traverse our earth. Throughout the years, it seems like her outward appearance has only grown more beautiful.I look at her and think, “Gwen is simply gorgeous!” Then, she opens her mouth and pure love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness all pour forth. I watch and listen stunned by who she has become

Like most people, Gwen’s life has had its ups and downs. She always seemed to feel things
deeply. Some people disappointed her. Some people hurt her, but through the roller coaster ride of life, she maintained a faith that persevered. She never rejected another’s faith. She never ridiculed another’s beliefs and she always maintained a steadfast hold on her own.

When her oldest son was born with Down Syndrome, Gwen’s faith was tested. And, it seemed a little shaky. At that time, God’s grace shined bright in the persona of Gwen’s husband who lovingly, without hesitation stood tall and proud of his first-born son. Then, together they had to decide if they would try again. Well, faith is not faith unless put to the test,
right? They went for it. Their second son did not have the same challenges as the first. He just must face life’s normal challenges. At the same time, he seems to have inherited their compassion gene for his older brother.

It is a joy to listen to Gwen talk about her life. The stumbles. The falls. The bumps. The bruises. She tells the stories with laughter. She finds humor in the trials. I marvel at the way she experiences each episode.

As we were eating our breakfast, she was explaining the challenges she is having in school understanding theological language – Ancient Greek, Aramaic, even Hebrew. She is just a simple woman, managing a complex life and wanting to do some good in the world. She went on to say, “I am just walking that thin, fine line of crazy!” I fell out laughing. All I could think is, that’s it right there! Aren’t we all walking that thin, fine line of
crazy? Sometimes, we cross over the line and if we are very lucky, we have help getting back on the path. Other times, not so much. That’s why we need people like Gwen. People who help us walk that thin, fine line of crazy


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