Meaningful Communications Matters: Life lessons from La-verna Fountain

Some stories are worth listening to.

On this week’s Twisting The Plot podcast we talk to La-Verna Fountain, the President of Meaningful Communications Matter.  La-Verna believes all stories are worth listening to.  We are happy to share hers. Listen closely, as La-Verna unfolds her personal and professional story that starts in a small, rural Appalachian town.

Throughout La-Verna’s life, she boldly walks through the many doors that present themselves to her.  A young black girl from a troubled home, she joins the military, then becomes a speaker and mediator in politics (both sides), forms peace coalitions, works for Save the Children and eventually becomes a Vice President at Columbia University where she serves as a “bridge” between an Ivy League university and the community dwellers of Harlem, New York.

For years, it is her job to listen, hold space and mediate communication. After a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, La-Verna decides it’s time to refocus her mission.  It’s time to twist her plot.   It’s time, she says, to go “full throttle for me.” And by full throttle for me, La-Verna means full throttle for all of us. Her mission is to help us to show up, listen deeply to each other, hear something beyond the pain, and connect beneath the divisiveness.

She is the leader that we need.

La-Verna shows us what being an elder woman can be, someone who takes massive responsibility, and no matter what, has love for us all.




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    1. Thank you for your positive comment. Today and everyday, let’s strive to be the best we can be in all that we do. I share this earth with you!


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