For individual or organizational communication needs, MCM provides a free 45 minute consultation to understand and review your communication goals. Following the initial consult, MCM will provide you with recommendations for next steps towards an enhanced communications environment.

Corporate Consultation:  MCM will conduct an assessment and make recommendations for enhanced communications within your organization.  Confidential assessments and recommendations are provided in consultation with organizational leadership.

Individual Consultation:  MCM consults with individuals and designs a communication plan for individuals to achieve personal goals.  To support the individual’s objectives, MCM provides weekly, monthly and quarterly milestones.  Individual support requires a minimum three-month commitment.


Successful meetings begin with plenty of preparation focused on the purpose of the meeting and the people involved in the meeting. MCM specializes in laser focus to create realistic expectations and increase clarity for all participants. Putting in the time beforehand saves everyone time and aggravation. With our skilled facilitators, MCM keeps all participants focused on the purpose of the gathering while also maintaining a respectful atmosphere allowing all voices to be heard.

Staff Retreat Design and Facilitation:  In consultation with organization leadership, MCM designs your office retreat focused on activities to strengthen communications.  Whether it is a day-long event or over several days, MCM is prepared to provide the support needed to bring clarity and positive connections to your staff events.

Meeting Facilitation:  La-Verna Fountain has more than 30 years facilitating difficult meetings.  With a Master’s degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Columbia University where she also serves as an instructor, she is dedicated to creating a safe environment for diverse opinions and viewpoints while simultaneously meeting the overall objectives of the convening organization.

In addition to La-Verna Fountain, MCM works with a cadre of experienced facilitators who are prepared to assist with individual meeting objectives insuring the appropriate facilitators are available for the overall objectives.




MCM specializes and provides training in two areas, conflict resolution and negotiations. At the core of both areas is a focus on communications.

Conflict Resolution: Philosophically, MCM adheres to the belief that most conflicts can be averted or resolved with improved communication and understanding. While improved communication and understanding cannot and will never resolve all conflicts, gaining a greater understanding of the underlining reasoning behind actions and/or words help people to achieve a level of empathy towards other human beings.

Conflict resolution training is adapted to meet the most critical challenges identified.  No one training can miraculous change the culture of an organization.  MCM recommends the training be part of an overall assessment with recommendations that will provide organizational leadership with an implementation roadmap to instill lessons learned and shift culture dynamics.

Negotiation:  MCM provides introductory negotiation training. This basic level of negotiation instruction provides the tools and understanding to allow the individual to implement win-win-win strategies to their everyday negotiations.  The training is adapted to meet the specific needs of the organization.  While a modified session can be limited to one full day, it is recommended that at least three days be dedicated to maximize the benefit.

Because of the nature of conflict and negotiation, it is recommended that organizations invest in a combined session introducing the participants to mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution.  This five-day intensive program will provide participants with basic skills to help with workplace communications and conflict resolution.


MCM Founder and President, La-Verna Fountain is a renowned national keynote motivational speaker.  Providing an uplifting and inspiring message, she speaks with diverse audiences encouraging people to believe beyond the negativity and embrace a life of unity, hope, faith and determination to succeed.  In the face of today’s divisive environment, La-Verna’s message is needed more now than ever.